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Please have your dog spayed or neutered.

A large number of unwanted dogs and cats are killed at the Las Cruces animal shelter each year, over 12,000 in 2006 alone. Most of these animals are young and healthy and would have made wonderful pets. There are not enough homes available.

Residents of our county, and all our elected officials have recently begun a no-kill philosophy for all healthy adoptable animals and are establishing a new program that should significantly decrease the population of unwanted animals. This will be a countywide program providing free spay and neuter services for dogs and cats of all county residents.

In addition to reducing unwanted litters, there are benefits for spaying and neutering:

  • No heat cycles.
  • Less desire to roam.
  • Reduced/eliminated risk of spraying or marking.
  • Reduced risk of tumors, cancers and prostate disease.

Las Cruces and Doña Ana County presently spend an estimated $816,000 a year to kill unwanted animals, whether they are strays or pets surrendered by their owners. A program funded by the city and the county would actually save taxpayer money and prevent the disposal of thousands of animals in our local landfills.

Organizations offering low-cost/no-cost spay & neuter services

For local residents who cannot afford standard veteranarian fees for a spay/neuter, there is assistance.


Spay and Neuter Action Program Southwest New Mexico (SNAP)

The Mission of SNAP is to reduce pet overpopulation (shelter euthanasia) by preventing excess litters of dogs and cats. SNAP facilitates low-cost spay/neuters for pets coming from qualifying, low income households in Southern New Mexico.

2405 W. Picacho Suite 103

Tuesday thru Friday
11:00AM - 3:00PM

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